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Dean’s Notes
It will be a pleasure to serve the New Hampshire Chapter as your Dean for the next two years. I am excited to serve alongside the newly elected and talented leadership of the Chapter (names listed below), as opportunities for learning and exciting concerts are planned.  A great debt of gratitude goes to former Dean, Kevin Lindsay, who has spent much time and energy relaying the on-going business of our Chapter, preparing me to take on the tasks ahead. The September 15th meeting and installation of officers promises to be a stellar beginning to the year ahead.  It is satisfying to be welcoming new members, as well.  To that end we will be asking them to share information about their respective journeys into our world.
Some of you may serve Episcopal churches, as I do.  At the recent General Convention this summer baby steps for progress in the area of letters of agreement and compensation for “lay leaders” (anyone other than ordained clergy) were proposed, then weakened, but finally adopted.  If you would like to follow this incremental progress, connect to the Association of Anglican Musicians website
Finally, for those on the June-June membership renewal year, you should have received an email from National, and another from our Chapter, reminding you to renew your membership. Please do so today! There are three ways to renew: by check, credit card, or over the phone. The staff at National is always happy to help. Please find that email, or login to ONCARD: 
Susan Ferré
580-624-0160 cell

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