Membership Information

Membership in the NH-AGO     

We offer Recitals, workshops, master-classes, scholarship programs, job listings, organ lessons,
networking with other music and arts groups, and connection with our parent / national level of the AGO.
While we are an organization of “Organists”, our members include non-organists as well who love Organ/Choral music, and genuinely value the arts in our culture.  You are the ones who bring your local energy, ideas, experience and desire to learn that allow us to design programs of interest for this community.   

2019 – 2020 American Guild of Organist Dues schedule,
with the NH-Chapter amount in Parenthesis.  

Regular TAO Print:  $105 ($41)   
Regular TAO On-Line only:  $97 ($41) 

Special (Over 65 or disabled) TAO Print: $80 ($33) 
Special (Over 65 or Disabled) On-Line only: $72 ($33) 

Young Organist (Under 30)  TAO Print: $50 (18)   
Young Organist (Under 30) On-Line only: $42 (18

Dual Chapter Regular …. $41 // Paid to second chapter
Dual Chapter Special…. $33 // Paid to second chapter
Dual Chapter Young Organist…. $18 //  Paid to second chapter

Subscriber (non-voting and no TAO magazine) ($35)

Honorary (NHAGO pays the $43.50 dues) ($0)   

If your interested in joining our chapter please contact the Dean of our Chapter, Susan Ferré

and/or, downloading the form on the national web-page found at

Come, be part of an amazing group of musicians.