2019-20 Chapter Programs


All programs of the NH-AGO are Postponed per the Executive Committee.    

Please follow updates on our facebook page, and/or the Newsletter.   

ALSO,  since National Office is closed down, please don’t mail membership payments into the office,  if you already have, your membership won’t be renewed until the office reopens, which isn’t certain.   Contact our NH-Membership Coordinator for further guidance on renewing your membership if your not in the practice of doing so by digital access.   

COVID-19 resources.  


NH AGO Patrons

Dues alone fall short of Chapter Program

and publicity needs. 

We thank our Patrons for their additional support.  

            Gift Level                  Up to:  

  • Symphony                    Above $500.00
  • Improvisation             $400.00
  • Toccata                         $300.00
  • Prelude and Fugue     $200.00
  • Chorale Prelude          $100.00
  • Anthem                         $50.00
The NHAGO is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization.  Send donations to:

Adam Peithmann, Treasurer, NH-AGO
508 Union Street
Manchester NH 03104